Check it out, here’s how Justin Cutroni came up with a way to track keyword ranking:

“There are lots of paid tools that will track where your content ranks in your search results. But my friend AJ Kohn wanted to try and develop a free way to measure rank with Google Analytics. Actually, he had a brilliant idea: measuring the individual keyword rank, group keywords together into indexes and then track the average rank of those indexes over time – all with Google Analytics.” – from the post

This guy has come up with a way to actually rank your keyword activity through Google Analytics. And while it does involve adding more code to your site, it seems like an invaluable way to tack and quantify your keyword ranking. Also, a great way to present concrete data to clients. We’ll have to run it by our resident expert Jeff Sauer and see what he thinks. To be continued… In the meantime, check out our Google Analytics classes starting in March!